Pequam C. Wejack

This is homepage of Pequam C. Wejack, a.k.a. PC Wejack.  Wekjack is famous for issuing the phrase, with which we are all so familiar, “I’m a PC and Wejack and was not my idea…”.  Prequam is confused about his middle name but conventional wisdom indicates that the “C” stands for Crepuscular, making his full name Pequam Crepuscular Wejack

Pequam is somewhat narcoleptic, sleeping up to 14 hours per day.  When he is awake, he can be very active, occasionally climbing the walls…

Pequam, however, is most noted as an expert litter tracker.  On a good day, Pequam can track litter 15 to 20 feet (4.572 to 6.096 metres).  As a side note, Pequam prefurs the metric system.

Pequam’s goal is to become top-rated in the biathalon, even though he has never seen snow, or used a gun (he can scratch and bite, however…).

Pequam has experienced many traumatic events in his young life.  The first was when he as stung in the nose by a spelling bee.  Pequam’s next  trauma occurred when he fell on a curling course (during the Olympics…) and was nearly wacked by a broom.  After close call with a broom, Pequam developed an affinity for a particular portable vacuum.

Pequam's parents, Martin and Martes Pennanti, were from the old country, where they scratched out a living driving race-ready Zambonis. Pequam migrated here from his home country of Forest Borealis after discovering pekans. Interestingly, pekans was also the inspiration for his first and last name.